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We work with the most forward-thinking companies across multiple sectors

Company Purpose Development → How?

Ne-Lo’s Purpose Framework Program supports you to clarify company purpose in a way that gives clear direction to your business and informs strategic decision making.

We do this through:

01 → Alignment

Engaging and aligning your board, exec. team and other key stakeholders, building buy-in at the top of the organisation and building the critical connection with strategy.

02 → Engagement

Utilising the appropriate combination of research methods to engage employees across your organisation so we benefit from both their buy-in and perspective.

03 → Refinement

Using all insights to build consensus across the exec. team on the final framework which informs strategic decision making and compelling visual assets.

Company Purpose Development → Why?

A purpose framework that’s more than just words on a wall.

It can be extremely difficult to garner input from large populations of people. This leads many companies to shut out the noise, favouring the safety of the exec. offsite as the forum for creating their company purpose.

Others do lean into the challenge of engaging employees and key stakeholders in the process, but end up with reams of data with little clarity on what matters most, making landing on the right thing a stab in the dark. As a result, many companies over recent years have ended up with superficial purposes that end up as little more than words on a wall.

The shame is that this is a huge missed opportunity, given that:

  • 64% of global consumers find brands that actively communicate their purpose more attractive (Accenture, 2018)

  • 83% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to brands that lead with purpose and 78% said they would tell others to buy from them (Cone/Porter Novelli 2019)

  • 74% of LinkedIn members place a high value on finding work that delivers on a sense of purpose. (Imperative & LinkedIn 2016)

  • 83% of Gen Z in the US consider a company’s purpose when deciding where to work (Cone/Porter Novelli 2019)

In short, Purpose is a critical factor in standing out from your competition as a company that people love to buy from and work for. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that: Purposeful companies outperform the market by 42% financially (DDI World 2018) and saw their valuation surge by 175% from 2006-2018, versus a growth rate of just 70% for purposeless companies (Kantar 2018).

Purposeful companies outperform the market by 42%
(DDI World 2018)
Purposeful companies saw their valuation surge by 175% versus just 70% for purposeless companies
Period: 2006-2018
(Kantar 2018)