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We work with the most forward-thinking companies across multiple sectors


If you’re hoping to find clarity in a sea of data, build alignment across your executive team, and focus strategy on the things that matter most, we’ve got you covered.

“Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment."
— Jim Collins & Jerry Porras

Ne-Lo’s 4 Fundamental Principles to attract & retain customers and employees

In a world of opportunity, you’re defined by your focus.

your customers
Ask your
Focus on what
matters most

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ne-Lo’s approach to Management Consulting?
As a speciality consulting firm, Ne-Lo’s approach to management consulting specifically focuses on services and solutions that provide strategic focus to solve problems and provide alignment for companies.

Our holistic approach and specialised expertise incorporate five key principles to answer the questions posing the biggest strategic challenges. These principles include purpose intelligence, customer intelligence, employee intelligence, competitor intelligence and market intelligence.

This strategic focus and insight allow a company to make confident, focused decisions about company strategy, purpose, market strategies, products and services, digital transformation and more. This intense lens of focus is vital to the profitable growth of the business.
What is the difference between Management Consulting and Strategy Consulting?
Typically, management consulting is a broad term that encompasses many facets of consulting, from research and strategy to policy, org. design, tax and audits, leadership development, and talent management.

Whereas strategy consulting is a very specific subset of management consulting that focuses specifically on delivering focused strategic outcomes for a client.

Generally, strategy consulting can range from proprietary strategic models to facilitating strategic decision-making or providing strategic advice and recommendations.

The strategy consulting services that Ne-Lo provides focus on clearly articulating an aligned view of the key challenges at hand before compiling targeted purpose, customer, employee, market, and competitor intelligence and facilitating decision-making and prioritisation to get clients confidently focused on what matters most. When this is done, we believe this focus is the key driving factor to the profitable growth of a business.
How does Ne-Lo differ from other consulting firms?
Ne-Lo’s approach to strategy consulting differs from other consultancy firms as it gives specific attention to defining the strategic focus of a company.

Rather than aiming for 100-page reports which tell clients everything they could possibly know about their customers, employees, market or competitors, Ne-Lo concentrates on the strategic question being asked or the challenge being faced. We identify strategic questions and strategic hypotheses, and we consider which areas of intelligence are required to answer these, whether that be purpose intelligence, customer intelligence, employee intelligence, market intelligence or competitor intelligence.

Once the question has been identified, we deliberately design and implement research across these areas to bring focused insights that are specifically designed and analysed to facilitate focused and aligned prioritisation on strategic focus areas designed to specifically tackle the strategic challenge identified.

Ultimately, we want our clients to feel aligned and confident in their strategic focus going forward. When that happens, it allows an executive team to hone in on a smaller number of items that they have the resources and capability to deliver
Does Ne-Lo’s approach to Management Consulting include Digital Transformation and other specialised expertise?
While Ne-Lo’s strategic consulting approach certainly can include digital transformation, digital strategy and growth strategy, we believe the most impactful way to make a business more effective is to first clearly articulate the strategic challenges they are facing or the strategic questions being asked. This might be a challenge or question related to digital transformation, but it can ultimately be any strategic level focus.

After clearly defining the question or challenge, we identify knowledge gaps across purpose intelligence, employee intelligence, customer intelligence, competitor intelligence, and market intelligence. This process allows us to clearly identify what insight is required to effectively and confidently prioritise focus areas related to the strategic challenge. We can then design and deploy targeted research to gain this insight.

With insight in hand, we return to the strategic space to facilitate focused and aligned decision-making. Ultimately, we're not telling a client what to do; we are getting the insights and intelligence across a broad spectrum in order to answer the questions or address the challenges they're facing and facilitate the decision-making process.

The end goal is to empower clients to be aligned, focused and confident moving forward - whether that’s related to digital transformation or any other specialist strategic initiatives.