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We work with the most forward-thinking companies across multiple sectors

About Us → Our Purpose

Our Shared Belief

We believe...

People come first in business

Our Vision

So we aspire to a future where...

Companies compete primarily on the positive impact they can have on people’s lives.

Our Mission

To get there, we will...

Support leaders worldwide to become focused on what matters most to those who matter most to them

Our Values

And we agree that along the way we will...

Put Family First
Connect Positively
Learn, always
Think of the future
Practise our creativity

About Us → Our Story

First a little story...

Ne-Lo was formed in 2018 by Ross Hastings and Kieran Antill. Our aim has always been to support our clients to have a positive impact through the experiences they create. Kieran and Ross named the company after their first born daughters, Neve and Lottie, and this next generation focus is still core to our values. How can we positively impact the future of business - for both customers and employees?

About Us → Our team

World-class talent to support
leaders worldwide.

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Book Chapters

Ross Hastings

Managing Director

Ross keeps himself on the cutting edge of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology, professionally and academically driven to explore what leads people, and groups of people, to perform to the peak of their potential. To date, this quest has spanned three continents, working with teams and individuals in business, sport and education and he still loves every minute of it. Outside work, Ross’ passion for exploring human potential doesn’t stop. He enjoy testing himself through various physical exploits and testing others with his dad jokes. Being a proud dad unfortunately gives him an excuse for the latter.

Ross Hastings

Jelena Dodic, PhD

Head of Strategic Insights

Jelena has over 20 years of research and consulting experience, locally and globally. She has led and delivered major transformational projects, significantly improving clients’ customer experiences and brand impact. She has particular interest in leading large research Teams with a single purpose of solving clients’ problems and delivering actionable initiatives. 

Jelena holds a Ph.D. degree in Branding and Marketing and an honours degree in Commerce, from the University of Melbourne.

Jelena Dodic, PhD

Kieran Antill

Exec. Director of Brand

Kieran is the co-founder of Ne-Lo Group. He leads the brand agency – Big Space, helping businesses to build the systems required to develop, measure and drive the value of their brand. His eMBA thesis (Berlin School of Creative Leadership) is on the factors that make a brand culturally relevant. Prior to starting Big Space, he was the National Executive Creative Director of R/GA Australia, JWT Melbourne and Leo Burnett New York. He has led large-scale brand development projects for Google, United Nations, WWF, Australian Ethical and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. As well as sustainability programs for FMCG giants Unilever, Simplot and Kimberly-Clark. He has twice been listed in the top ten Art Directors worldwide at the Cannes festival of creativity.

Kieran Antill
A company without a clearly defined purpose is like a sailor without a compass.
— Ross Hastings

Alison Jones

Head of Content Strategy and Development

Alison is a content marketing strategist with over 13 years of experience working with SMEs through to multinationals in this creative and ever-changing field. She has a degree in Psychology which she enjoys utilising to understand online personas, consumer behaviour and emotive purchasing. Her role is to develop content marketing strategies and oversee ongoing content development and execution.

Alison Jones

Kirsten Craven

SME Marketing & Comms

Kirsten’s expertise has been honed across both agency and corporate worlds, as a trusted advisor at C-Suite level as Group Executive - Marketing at iSelect, and Senior Account Director at Clemenger BDDO Proximity, and GPY&R. Kirsten enjoys leading big budget, strategic marketing initiatives, including leading the iSelect Group’s marketing portfolio in a dynamic, performance-driven growth culture where brand, marketing, communication, and ROI was paramount. More than anything, she loves the freedom that working with Ne-Lo provides, to spend every moment she can with her two young daughters.

Kirsten Craven

Simon Wood

SME Leadership Development

For over 15 years, Simon has helped some of Australia’s (and the world’s) biggest brands build their leadership, sales and customer service strength delivering solutions around Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA. Whether working with C-suite executives or helping frontline staff, he is a passionate about unearthing people’s potential. His background in psychology and coaching enables him to think critically and design learning programs based on evidence; his performance background enables him to communicate persuasively and deliver strongly in the room; his business experience enables him to adapt to different contexts quickly and draw key stakeholders together to align direction with a view to creating a leadership and sales architecture that delivers bottom line results.

Simon Wood
Research is only as valuable
as the action it informs.
— Jelena Dodic, PhD
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About Us → Our team experience

Working with the most forward-thinking companies, regardless of industry.