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We work with the most forward-thinking companies across multiple sectors

Ne-Lo’s 4 Fundamental Principles to attract & retain customers and employees

Attracting and retaining the right customers and employees requires being purpose-driven and focusing strategy on what matters most.


Define your company’s shared belief, vision, mission, and values and develop a way of codifying them and incorporating them in your strategic decision-making.

your customers

Clearly identify who is most important to your company and maintain an up-to-date understanding of what matters most to them.

Ask your

Develop both the channels through which employees can contribute to the direction of the business and the psychologically safe environment in which they’re willing to do so.

Focus on what
matters most

Obsessively focus strategic attention on the few initiatives that are the most important based on principles 1-3.

Applying the 4 Fundamental Principles in your strategic planning.

Ne-Lo bring the clear voice of your customers and employees into the boardroom to facilitate focused company purpose and strategy.  We get you focused on what matters most to those who matter most to you.