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Latest articles

Why is Customer Experience Important?

While it may seem like an overly simple question, the importance of asking, ‘why is customer experience important’ cannot be overstated. In this article we discuss how a traditional view of customer experience may need to change, while exploring some famous examples and considering some ways of measuring great customer experiece.

6 Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices

In this article, you’ll learn the most important things you need to consider in developing a customer experience strategy that makes you stand out as the company people love to work for...without competing on price.

Could This Be The Biggest Factor In Bringing The Voice Of Employees Into The Boardroom & Boosting Company Performance 6.5X

According to a recent report by Accenture, companies can outperform their industry 6.5X if they organise their whole business around the delivery of exceptional experiences. Learn more about how psychological safety might be THE critical factor in making this happen.

5 Things You Need to Create Your Purpose-Driven Strategy

The process of clarifying your shared belief, vision, mission and values with an effective purpose-driven strategy should not simply be a box-ticking exercise. When done effectively, it builds motivation and meaning for your customers and employees, making your company the one that people want to buy from and work for. In this article, you’ll discover the five most important factors you need to create your purpose-driven strategy to stand out and attract employees and customers without competing on price.

Will there really be a great resignation?

The Great Resignation is a hot topic right now, but is that actually what is happening. In this short article, Ne-Lo MD Ross Hastings proposes an alternative definition for what we’re witnessing.