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Company Purpose
Customer Experience Research & Strategy
Employee Experience Research & Strategy

ASX-listed Selfwealth invest in deep customer insight and refreshed purpose to focus strategy and support ongoing growth.



Ne-Lo were initially engaged by Selfwealth Chief Product Officer, Josh Sprague. He was developing his strategic product roadmap in response to an ever more competitive investment market, with the intention of adding more value for customers and avoid price erosion and aimless feature adding. To do so, Selfwealth needed clearer insight on what mattered most to their customers. While there had been recent work conducted by a big 4 consulting firm, the report delivered plenty of data and little insight, leaving three pressing needs:

  1. Go beyond a demographic understanding of their customer by understanding their beliefs, behaviours, motivations and perception of value in relation to investing
  2. Turn customer data into targeted insights that inform focused strategy
  3. Align the exec. Team around an objective view of what matters most and where to focus attention and resources

The Solution

100% employees engaged
3600 current customers surveyed
600 target customers surveyed

The Ne-Lo team first engaged the Selfwealth executive team, board and all employees via 1:1 interviews and focus groups to define the strategic questions to be answered and identify any known unknowns. We then identified the target customer groups who would be best placed to give insight into these areas before designing and managing a mixed methods research that saw us collect targeted data from 3600 current Selfwealth customers and 600 target Selfwealth customers. Data was then analysed through the lens of the research question(s) to provide targeted insight that informed pressing strategic decisions.

Through the initial research project, it became clear that Selfwealth required an objective approach to inform aligned strategic decision making. The company was experiencing significant change as a result of rapid growth and had new expertise and new perspectives joining the business. We worked through a purpose framework program, engaging the board, executive team and employees across the business via 1:1 interviews, focus groups and online forums, to clarify the Selfwealth company purpose, consisting of shared belief, vision, mission and values. The Purpose Framework program led to a Selfwealth rebrand, in partnership with BigSpace Agency (insert case study link) and the subsequent launch of the Selfwealth GYGT employer brand.

The Outcome

Selfwealth have a set of customer behavioural archetypes that help to frame conversations and shape the strategic direction of the company. This led directly to the launch of the strategic product roadmap, in burger form.

The clearly articulated Purpose Framework has aligned the business on future direction and strategic focus and led directly to a re-brand, in partnership with BigSpace Agency and subsequent launch of the Selfwealth GYGT (Grow You Good Thing!) employer brand.

<span class="left-edge"> “Ne-Lo’s approach gave us a firm grasp of who our customers are, why they choose to use our platform and importantly what delivers them value. We have also benefited from having a clearly articulated company purpose that aligns and focuses the business to achieve strategic outcomes.”

– Josh Sprague, Chief Product Officer at Selfwealth <span />